A Road To Happiness?
A Road To Happiness?

This blog is about me and my quest for happy things in life. I do not pretend to be able to show anyone, myself included, The Road To Happiness. But I can share things that make me happy. And maybe, just maybe, these will make you smile, too.

The idea to start this blog came to me first in summer 2015 when I was feeling utterly sorry for myself.

I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease in the end of 2014 and while I had been pretty optimistic about it all in the beginning, by May 2015 it had started to dawn on me that this whole Graves-thing was not as easy peasy as I had expected it to be in the first year. I had been led to believe, and had so very much wanted to believe also, that once my meds would kick in my life would be back to normal. And this was to last throughout the first twelve or eighteen months of treatment. After half a year, however, it had become clear – even to me – that my life was nowhere near back to normal, and that very likely it would not be anytime soon. To call this a setback is not doing justice to the Drama I felt.

I suppose I needed that wake up call. Desperately.

All the time I had been living sort of circumventing Mr Graves, focusing on the things I wanted to do and was sure I would otherwise have wanted to do, while waiting for the miracle of ‘being myself again’ to happen. All the time I had been thinking things like ‘Just pull yourself together for a little while’ – wondering how much longer I would actually continue to need inner peptalks. All the time I had been working frantically (being a freelancer and all that), hoping I would be back to normal before anyone would start thinking my services were below par.

And all that time I was counting on future happiness, happiness that would come once I would have energy to go seek it and time to actually feel it.

No more!

At my low point in summer 2015 I decided it was about time to start paying more attention to little happy things in life, there and then. To try and get more out of life than waiting for a future that may not even come, considering this Graves fellow is a rather unreliable person who follows no medical plans.

This blog is meant to help me stay focused on that task. Also, it is to serve as a reminder to myself of all the happy things I have experienced and seen. And as a side effect I hope there may be some readers who find some joy here, too.

Suzanne Bakker
Suzanne Bakker