Pardon My French

Fair warning: this post is not about my prickly BFFs! You may feel misled, on account of this blog’s name – in which case I do apologise.

Hedgehog Sleeping Mansion - for Winter & Summer & Always
Hedgehog Sleeping Mansion – for Winter & Summer & Always

However, if my blog were to be solely about hedgehogs, I would not have any happy things to report on for half of the year – our friends have been in hibernation since some time in October and are not expected due back before mid April!

What a life! Especially considering that during the six months they are up and about they also tend to sleep lots.

Basically, it seems a miracle we managed to see them at all. One I look forward to renewing every winter since we first met Big Mama (originally referred to as Killer Hedgehog until we decided he or she might not very much appreciate that nickname).

Anyway. It is a very fine thing that there happen to be a great many other happy things (once one gets the hang of enjoying happiness that is not a hedgie). And it so happens that many of these things can be found in France. Which is lucky, as we happen to have been on holidays in France last year (and, in fact, quite a few other years, too).

If you remember my previous rant about Mr Graves  or read the About page you might wonder how a Graves-assisted holiday compares to a non-accompanied one.

There is a lot that’s better left unsaid about that, actually. And some of it that I may share in a later post. But let me start small. After all, this blog is about finding happiness in small things – which is a lot harder sometimes than finding great frustration in little things, as I have learned thanks to my new friend Graves Disease.

When Coffee Was Still .... Coffee! (2014)
When Coffee Was Still …. Coffee! (2014)

One of the little things that Mr Graves does is affect one’s taste. There are things I used to love that I cannot eat any longer. For instance, I can handle coffee less well and it tastes less good to me now. Since I was a real coffee drinker this blew a big wide hole in my daily intake of liquids. As many other people, I suppose, I have reverted to drinking herbal tea. This can get a bit boring after a while, though, and much more so than coffee – the way I remember it from, say, one and a half year back.

Needless to say I was extremely pleased to find that French people have a whole different variety of teas to choose from – with rather childishly funny names.

Why Can't Mr Graves Be More Like Mr Elephant?
Why Can’t Mr Graves Be More Like Mr Elephant?

So nowadays happiness can be simply sitting here in my home in the Hague, the Netherlands, sipping my cup of ‘Rhubarbe-à-Papa’ and dreaming about all thousands of other silly wordplays Mr Elephant can weave around his teas – and looking forward to discovering more of his creativity in 2016!